The "Worlds Smallest Jet" Airshow!

The FLS Microjet

The FLS Microjet

The FLS Microjet is a high performance, aerobatic, single seat, low-wing, all metal, jet-powered aircraft built from an amateur homebuilder kit.

octopussyThe design was originally developed in the 1970’s by Jim Bede of Bede Aircraft, Inc. and designated as the BD-5. It was a public sensation and fueled homebuilders with dreams of owning a high performance propeller or jet aircraft at a fraction of the normal cost.

The BD-5 was dubbed “The World’s Smallest Jet” and quickly earned a reputation as James Bond’s jet when it was featured in the movie “Octopussy.” Through the years, a few airshow teams have captivated fans all over the world but today, very few flying BD-5’s still exist.
(Read Rob de Bie’s historical research of the BD-5J)

Unfortunately, because the aircraft was well ahead of its time, it proved too difficult to build for most enthusiasts. Bede Aircraft, Inc closed it’s doors after just a few years.

076In 1992, Ed (“Skeeter”) & Richard Karnes started BD Micro Technologies, Inc. (BMT) and began a long journey to update the BD-5 with today’s technology using current building techniques. After many years of research and development, BMT has successfully incorporated many improved design features in an aircraft line-up called the “Flight Line Series” or “FLS” kits.

FLS safety advances include improved stall characteristics, increased pitch stability, reduced airframe fatigue, and modern technology integration focused on increasing systems reliability while reducing pilot workload.

Justin Lewis of Lewis & Clark Performance, LLC collaborated with BD Micro Technologies to build the first complete FLS Microjet and set the standard for future kits. Today, BMT is offering a limited number of FLS Microjet kits in a builder assistance program.


On July 2nd & 3rd, 2011, the FLS Microjet made it’s debut performance at the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Airshow and Wings Over Tyler Airshow.

Our current airshow schedule for the FLS Microjet can be found under the schedules tab



  • Top Speed: 320mph
  • Stall Speed: 67pmh
  • Max Range: 200nm
  • Max Lading: +-6 g’s
  • Wing Span: 17ft
  • Length: 13ft
  • Height: 5′ 9″
  • Empty Weight: 416lbs
  • Max Weight: 860lbs
  • Jet Fuel: 30 gal
  • Thrust: 265lbs
  • Engine: Quantum Turbine System
  • Featuring the PBS TJ-100


  • Improved Wing Aerodynamics
  • State-of-the-art Jet Engine
  • Angle of Attack System
  • Advanced Avionics
  • Redundant Electrical Systems
  • Increased Fuel Capacity
  • Structural Improvements

The FLS Microjet is a Re-Engineered design by BD-Micro Technologies Inc. based on a 1970’s homebuilt kit aircraft called the BD-5.

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